Writing is hard


So, I hate writing. And I told myself at the beginning of the year I was going to make an effort to write more. The goal was to push all of it on here. Embarassing that I had to wait till now just to publish one. The sad truth is that I’m a terrible writer. I remember at some point in middle school, I completely dropped books and writing. Dreaded english class; constantly fell asleep. High school was just a mess. I’m sure most of the creative compositions I penned were a bunch of lies and made up stories, just enough styling to get me a passing grade. Sigh.

It’s gonna change. It has to. I’ll be 29 soon. I want to start making records of my life, especially now more than ever. This is my personal website. This is the one space to do whatever the hell I please. It’s a new beginning. Let's turn this weakness into one of my greatest asset.

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