Jason Chee

Moving is freedom


It’s been one week since the vpn client on my mobile device died. Its absence has been liberating. But this wasn't the only thing that made me realize that I need to disconnect more.

It's a weird time for me right now. I just moved into two different apartments. One in Shanghai and another in Hangzhou(not completely moved in).

I'm going to assume that noone was ever like, "...well, that was an easy move!". There's always the psychic and physical pain coupled with moving.

The constant battle of "should I keep this? or do I throw this out?". A friendly reminder that you have way too much shit.

Then the physical pain of moving out of the 5th floor of an elevator-less apartment building to 6th floor of a different elevator-less apartment building(which I hope you'll never have to experience).

I guess the one beauty from all that hard labor and time spent planning, packing, unpacking, and the other bs that comes along with moving:

less time spent on my phone.

Now there are other factors that contributed like, the vpn client on my phone dying and not feeling the need to update the app. But, I would have to say moving is what really did it for me.

It gave me the much needed vacation from the messages, from my social media, from it all. I'm enjoying this.

Any free time was spent coding, learning, reading information that at this moment, I really care about. And let's be honest, social media is crap on desktop.

Anyways, I'm pretty much wrapped up. Getting back to work.

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