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Software for equity

In the past, we’ve had customers ask us if we were able to build them a product in return for equity/shares. We always listen to such proposals and in the end we always kindly decline. In these kind of trade-offs I feel that the tech contributions is always undervalued. Which is why I don't jump with excitement over these kinds of offers anymore.

Information architects

I’ve been on teams before where there is one guy who just knows everything, but doesn’t actually contribute to any of the work. Although its helpful to have someone in the team that can make suggestions, suggestions only go so far when nothings done afterwards. I feel that such type of a people can be very toxic to a team, and I've seen projects completely hijacked unknowingly by these clever people.

The business I wanna build

I read an interview featuring Jason Fried of basecamp. In the interview he mentions that he measures success by how long a business has been running for. It made me think about my aunt’s restaurant which has been in business for 41 years. The kitchen staff has been almost the same throughout over the years. Some of them are nearing their mid 60s. In the winter, they'll drive through snow just to open up shop. I wanna build a business that can operate for 40+ years--like my aunts restaurant.

We good

They say in order to survive in China, you need to be 10x faster, 10x smarter, be fluent in Chinese and if you can’t keep up you’ll never survive. Because of such remarks, I’ve been told by people that I should just pack up and head back to the States.

I appreciate the advice, but I disagree. I think China is my playing field—and I think China can be anyones place to start a business. Learn some Chinese, focus on your own things, and don't worry so much about what everyone else doing. Build things for everyday people, with a splash of 'different'.

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