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Camila is out, but it took us over a year


The story

It took us over a year to make Camila and I'm glad it took that long.

Back then Camila was called 'Edumanage', our team had 5 developers, we had a manager making business calls for us, and to be honest we might've drank a bit too much of that startup koolaid(We thought we were all-that and bag of chips.).

Edumanage could spit out data metrics, had different styled dashboards for each user type, a crazy database of universities information, and all the jquery magic you could find similar to a bootstrap admin panel template!

Oh, silly us.

What happened?

Eventually our team slowly dissolved, people moved to other parts of the world, and the potential clients we thought would fall in love with Edumanage well for lack of better words, didn't.

Struggle city

Sergio and I decided that we were going to get over this hunch. We took a break from Edumanage and started finding ways to make money for our startup.

We started building wordpress websites(exciting) for people that we found through wechat groups. We used some of that money to attend one last roadshow to pitch Edumanage one last time to a panel of investors based in Hangzhou.

At the road show

As we anxiously waited in a meeting room with other startups(intense feeling), a man with a smile on his face approached us and suddenly upsettingly informed us that we were not able to pitch because the large number of startups on the list.

Bummer. We made the most of that night and decided to hell with pitching, lets make new friends.

Make friends, not business partners

Want to know the fastest way to gain trust? Be a good friend. Our new friendships formulated that night, landed us gigs and took us to places in Beijing, Yiwu, remote villages, and different places around China. What a crazy ride and experience! But maybe I'll tell it in another post...

Hey remember that old project?

Sometime in the beginning of September, Sergio and I thought about reviving Edumanage. Our new team spent 2 1/2 weeks building Camila. And walah, full circle.

Camila is released! Very different from a year ago, but still has that 'never give up attitude' that Edumanage always carried!

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