Jason Chee

"Simply" getting shit done.

Living in the outskirts of Hangzhou has many beautiful benefits. Being fully immersed in nature and free from distractions are the main reasons why I love living in Hangzhou.

Freedom from distractions means full attention to the things that matter to us at the moment. Which is why we're on a heavy product launch binge right now.

A product launch binge means you're turning ideas into real products, one after another. There's not much research development, just throwing stupid ideas back and forth at each other until a point of realization that we're onto something.

After a product is launched, you get a 8-10 days to market your product which also acts as a break period before you start your next product. You won't waste time on heavy marketing strategies, just trying your best to get the name out. We're finding out that word of mouth and writing about your product helps tremendously.

We're not focused on one product because the environment in which we live in allows us to be creative. It's quiet here, we enjoy coding, and it's a fantastic time right now to be bootstrapping. In a nutshell, we are making as many internet/tech businesses because we can and enjoy doing it.

Next ideas:

Some things we made so far: