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Here's what I'm doing now:

last updated - Jan 31, 2019
What I'm thinking about now

I'm in Shanghai, it's raining at the moment and a bit chillier but it could be worse. The past few days was met with sunshine and milder temperatures. I hope city dwellers had a chance to enjoy it. It seems we may be back to rain and gray skies. From the 6th floor of my apartment building, I can hear the street food market shop owners shout out their deals of the day.

Work related news

Tuitu is working remotely between three different cities. We are helping two Shanghai based startups with their tech. It's a different kind of service we are offering and everything so far has been wonderful for our business. From what I can tell the startups we are working with are enjoying the process, feedback, and our production. More about this later...

We landed some big company corporate gigs. The kind of business that can keep us happy and healthy for a year.

Closing thoughts

January is nearing it's end. I feel homesick, but usually around the Chinese New Year it gets like this. Still keeping quiet about my goals. You should too.

Now I'll start my day.

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