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Here's what I'm doing now:

last updated - Nov 12, 2018

Pretty busy these days. Business is going well. Had to put projects on hold because one is currently grabbing most of our attention. More on that later in the future.

I'm working on a personal project which overall goals are to get better at maintaining relationships and help connect someone with a person I think they should meet. It'll be housed in my own digital environment. Which is the primary reason why I decided to start the project in the first place. I feel lucky to be able to work on my own projects.

In my free time, if I'm not coding, spending time with my significant other, or reading...I'm most likely decluttering my inbox, improving my understanding of ruby, ruby on rails, and javascript, removing people from my wechat contacts list. Before I started removing, I was over 700 something contacts. Now, I've got it down to the upper 300s. The goal's 200.

Been listening to Tobi lou. He's great.

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