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Hire Good People


Starting up in China requires so much energy on meaningless tasks. Energy we would much rather spend on developing. Sometimes uncontrollable mishaps(e.g. car accident) would occur out of the blue -- leaving us with major headaches and stress. Until recently, everything has been done between Sergio and myself.

We were burning ourselves out. We needed help.

Our scout for potential talent broke down like this:

...mainly technical requirements, but I think we lucked out.

It’s been a little over two months since our first hire. Overall, I’m satisfied with everything he has been able to contribute to so far.

Last month I found myself overworked and exhausted. Very ill...

Our newest team member looked after me all while working effectively by himself. He pampered my grown ass with medicine, food, and continuously reminded me to rest up. When someone takes care of you when you can’t take care of yourself -- That is a sign of a good person.

More importantly, we didn't have to assign him tasks. He took ownership of creating his own tasks.

Experience, skill, and educational backgrounds are typically important hiring factors that can land you a job, but I think who you are as a person is often overlooked. We’re looking for good people. We’re happy we found one.

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