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A database for me.


Everytime you update your social media, send out an email, create a new text message, etc....All that information is stored into a powerful system of tables. This is what we call a database.

For years, we are able to manipulate and interact with the data within these tables and of course the tables themselves thanks to computer programming query languages like SQL and XPath.

Everytime you open up an excel spreadsheet and input information and records into those column and rows, you are essentially creating a database.

But as you fill out your spreadsheet that is to be reported to your team, client, boss...Have you ever thought about a database just for YOU? One of the most powerful things you could do for yourself is have a personal database.

You already may have a personal database, but are not aware of it. Do you ever actually fill out all the fields for a new contact in your cellphone's address book? If so, you are keying information into a database. That's a start.

Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that I would work on a personal project, and hopefully someday open source it. It wasn't until I started building software, when I realized just how powerful databases are.

Now with all the blog headlines covering data leaks and security breaches, I've decided to start a project that would allow me to take ownership of my own data!

I've created a person indexer. It's a collection of all my personal contacts and close acquaintances housed in my own digital environment. The goals of this project are to maintain better relationships, connect a person with someone I think they should meet, and most importantly take control of my own data.

With this project it means I can find out who really wants to work with me, hear out someone's idea and figure out how I can help, leave notes about each person(hobbies, recommendations, quotes, etc.), stay connected with certain individuals, and so much more.

So, do you database?

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Thanks for reading. Have an opinion to share? Feel free to contact me if you need to get in touch, or would like share your after thoughts.

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